From my childhood, there has always been only one real goal in my life and it was to create something new. Those days the only occupation I knew of that involved creating new things was that of a Scientist. So I decided to become a scientist.As kids around me changed their dreams back and forth, I stuck to mine with admirable grit.

I started having my suspicions in 10th grade, but as I was good at programming and liked solving a logical problem, I changed my route to Engineering. That’s how I ended up here and am still doing my Bachelors in Technology.

Now, on retrospect, some things have stood true since my childhood and they make me who I am- the eagerness to travel and the pleasure I receive from it, the joy I take in creating something beautiful, the love for books of all kinds (especially the really old ones with fine print), clothes on any given day, the answer to a particularly complicated problem and my belief in humanity.



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