A Gory Mess Upon Nails

Some days tire the crap out of you… it’s on those days that you feel the urge to hit someone really bad or bash something until it’s a gory mess… It was that kind of a day for me today, but, the most important thing is ‘I SURVIVED’- sans hitting an unlucky dude or losing a belonging & this nail art played a very important role indeed!!

A Gory Mess Upon Nails is specifically meant to be put on when you are feeling blue (feel free to make it as gory as possible) – with a little tweaking it could even move onto the Halloween carpet. While you put it on, feel your worries and fears drain away to leave a serene being behind..



Apply clear polish as the base. Allow it to dry.

Reduce the sticking ability of a piece of cello tape by keeping it under running water for 30 seconds or by repeatedly tapping on the tape with your fingers.

Cut stripes of different width from the tape and paste it onto the nails as per shown (take care to have a wider tape on each nail for the gory mess).

Coat the nail with nail polish (preferably red). Air dry the nails for 3-4 minutes. Pull out the stripes of tapes.

On the wider area left behind by the tapes draw thin stripes making it as gory as possible without losing structure. Leave it to dry.

Coat with a clear nail polish.



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