Stripes For Days

This season, PINK is back on track (this idiom never gets old) – from runways to garment stores on your corner, PINK is stealing the show. Pair it up with the evergreen STRIPES, you get a nail art that can go for days.


My little cousin, the reigning president of club PINK loved my PINK nail polish so much that she started throwing a tantrum for a nail art using the same. She also wanted to be mentioned in the post and so, there it is, it’s her nails on this post.


Apply any polish (with any, I mean PINK) as the base.

Allow it to dry for fifteen minutes or so.

Reduce the sticking ability of a piece of cello tape by keeping it under running water for 30 seconds.

Cut long thin stripes of the tape and paste it onto the nail as per your need.

Coat the nail with a contrasting nail polish.

Air dry the nails.

Pull out the stripes of tapes.

Coat with a clear nail polish.


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