Fried Ice Cream

I still remember the first time I tried fried ice cream. It was from Golden Dragon – a Chinese restaurant in Kochi. Even after eating and making this countless times, the awe I first felt won’t just go out of me. Although I understand the logistics behind the ice cream, my mind can’t seem to wrap around the idea, rather, existence of ‘FRIED ICE CREAM’.

I love ice creams at their chilliest. So, I prefer to freeze the ice cream after frying it for that extra chill. But then, a tiny portion of its crunchiness is lost during this process. So, take care to not chill it after frying if you prefer the crunchier version.

A food that even food haters will not be able to resist, fried ice creams are crunchy, chilly and when topped with finely made chocolate sauce, will make you shake a leg or two in ecstasy.IMG_20170526_214259


serves 5

  1. 1 litre vanilla ice cream
  2. 55 gram corn flakes
  3. 5 tablespoon all purpose flour
  4. 4 eggs
  5. sunflower oil


Scoop out balls of ice cream using a scoop and freeze them overnight.

Crush the corn flakes into small pieces.

Beat the eggs until smooth.

Dip each ball into the flour, eggs and corn flakes successively until the corn flakes coat the ball uniformly.

Freeze the balls overnight.

Deep fry the balls for a few seconds.

Place on paper towels to drain.

Serve immediately with chocolate sauce.

P.S. Make sure to use sunflower oil to avoid the taste of oil from marring the taste of ice cream.

P.P.S. The first photo oozes ice cream because I tried taking photos just after it was fried and had to take about 40 photos to get a good one.


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